About Sidra

Me at My wedding

Sidra T. is a blogger, social media lover, beauty addict, and lover of all things Pakistani Fashion.

This blog started out as a means for me to document my wedding planning experience and has flourished into a blog about Pakistani wedding trends, bridal beauty, and overall planning in the United States.


Email: TheBridalDiaries@gmail.com
Twitter: @SocialSidra


5 thoughts on “About Sidra

  1. Hello! I love your blog…I was wondering if you could do a post on how to be organized on the wedding day so everything runs ON TIME! I think this would be hopeful for so many brides!

    • Hi Shirin!! Thank you!!! that comment made my day, glad you enjoy reading it. 🙂 I most definitely will get on it for a post on how to be organized on the wedding day. Probably my greatest feat was being a relaxed bride, so, I would love to share organization and keeping calm ideas. Keep an eye out 😛

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