Make me pretty! Pakistani Bridal Beauty

These past weeks have been incredibly busy!  I have gotten a ton of work done for the wedding, it’s coming up in a little over two months, cannot believe how time is flying!  Pakistani weddings are INSANE.. I have my wedding to shop for, my mehndi, my maiyon, an all the other pre-wedding events!

I got my wedding dress a week ago and I’m in love… this means I can *finally* work on getting my makeup trials!!!

I think alongside getting makeup trials, it’s important to take care of your face before the wedding!  I’ve been really careful about taking care of my skin before the wedding because the last thing I need is blotchy skin…  I’m getting regular facials and doing a micro-dermabrasian next month which I guess evens skin tone and makes my skin glow.  My MOH got me an amazing Philosophy “Microdelivery Peel” set for my 25th birthday which has been an amazing little treatment to make my skin look soft and glow coming up to my wedding (thank you!).  After one use, my skin felt really soft and had a nice glow, highly recommend this cleanser!

This is going to be apart of my beauty regimen coming up to the big day for SURE.  I also  am exfoliating  day + night with an organic product called Eminence Blueberry Soy Exfoliating Cleanser that’s evening out my skin, and tons of sun-screen!  I was going to get a big visor that these Asian ladies wear for my drive to work…. kinda like this….

I was going to use this to block out the sun but then I just heard bad stories about these so I’m a little scared.  Might just wear a hat as I drive.

The makeup lady I did a trial with (Carina at Flawless Faces) and I were joking that she has people come to her for a full-body spray tan and Pakistani/Indian women get their skin bleached because our ideal of beauty is bleached, fair skin.  The irony of our people and our ideals of beauty!  The fair-skinned blonds would die for tan skin like mine (literally–skin cancer!) and the dark-skinned South-Asians do harmful treatments for lighter skin tones.  I am just going to hope that my exfoliants, microderms & sun-screen keep my skin glowing before the wedding!

Anyway, I just want to avoid being the silly bride who gets her first ever facial a week before your wedding and wonders why she’s breaking out, or why she doesn’t have fantastic results.  The treatment has to start months before your wedding, never ever do a new treatment just a few weeks before your wedding!



A Little Bit About The Groom & the Groomsmen

Sooo I have been doing all the talking about myself, and I’ve kind of maybe put off to the last minute our groomsmen tuxedos and the styles for Nick’s tux.

The above photo is from InspiredByThis. What do you guys think of this style for the groomsen?  Skinny tie tux? Cute or too laid back?  They’re all going to rent from like Men’s Wearhouse or Friar…. Nick almost sent them alone to pick them out! I told him no! We have to choose their styles.    Anyway, I definitely don’t like the idea bow-tie tuxedos for all the groomsmen… too stuffy for my kind of wedding.   However, one of the groomsmen wore a bow-tie tux for his wedding and looked REALLY STYLISH and and pulled it off really well!  But, I think it’ll be “too formal” if all of them wore it for our wedding, so I’m ok if only Nick wears a tux with a bow-tie!

I also probably want to have them wear funky socks just to take a photo like this (from StyleMePretty)

Love graphic socks for groomsmen!

I have to find a retailer where the guy’s can get nice socks like this… I told Nick this idea and he’s eh about it… I like it though!  I found this retailer, SocksDreams where I might find some funky socks for them at.

Anyway, I think all the groomsmen should be (and are) relieved that I’m not putting them in a sherwani…. like this one from Dress Republic:

There’s not much else to say about these guys.  The Groom and Groomsmen have it so easy!  Just show up in a rented outfit, fix your hair and walk down the aisle.  Easy job.  I have really nice boutonnieres planned for them and am really excited for those.  There are only 4 of them plus the groom, so a really easy job.

Tips for The Bridesmaids & Brides – Fun Article Excerpt

So the Wedding PR gurus that I like have an article this month in 944 Magazine about proper things for Brides to remember and for Bridesmaids to remember.  I got some cute tips… I’ve been dying over gift ideas for the girls and already know what I’m getting them… yay!  Anyway, here is an excerpt for Brides & Bridesmaids from 944 Magazine and their special wedding issue!


For the Bridesmaid:

While getting married is one of the biggest events in life, being asked to be a bridesmaid is one of the biggest honors! It’s a celebrated tradition that only the best of girlfriends get to take part in. But despite all the excitement and newness of a wedding, stress is inevitable and as a bridesmaid your job is to alleviate stress, not add to it! Here’s a few tips to help you be the best maid possible:

1.      Check your ego at the door and don’t complain about your dress! It may not be the most flattering style or your favorite color, but keep in mind you’re just a piece of the bigger picture – the bride has thoughtfully selected your dress to coordinate with the rest of her special day. You may not get to be a fashionista on the wedding day, but your dress signifies you as a special part of the brides life… so rock it out and wear that dress with honor!

2.      Put effort into the bridal shower – the bridal shower is the one part of the wedding the bride gets to enjoy and not plan! For inspirations check out, or

3.      Be prepared! An unexpected emergency may arise during the wedding, so this is your chance to save the day! Pack the essentials and I promise your bride will love you for life –  aspirin, stain remover, super glue, safety pens, etc. If you’re in multiple weddings may want to check out the macdaddy of all wedding emergency kits on

For the Bride:

When you ask your friends to be a bridesmaid, you’re not only asking them to stand with you on your wedding day, you’re also asking them to help you with the entire process. From the shower, to the bachelorette party, to the ceremony, your maids are going to be clocking hours helping to get everything ready. A gift showing your appreciation is not only a sweet gesture, it’s an important part of the bridesmaid tradition. Here’s some ideas on how to show the love:

1.      Shop til you drop! Visit the Wedding Chicks shop for the cutest tees and totes – all customizable! And the best part is you can do it from the comfort of your own home; no need to face the crowded malls after work or on the weekends!

2.      Bling them out! What girl doesn’t welcome gems and jewels with open arms? Tejani’s Bridesmaid Collection has beautiful earrings and bracelets that lets your girls bask in the light of jewels. Customize it to your wedding color palette and your girls are all set for your big day!

3.      Wood you be my bridesmaid? The JL Designs collection offers gorgeous balsa wood flowers that you can put on your wrist or put on your shelf! She offers jewelry and decor options so each maid gets a unique gift along with a cute tag asking “Wood you be my bridesmaid?”


I wish I had asked my bridesmaids more cutely to be in my bridal party– LOVE this idea!!  I wouldn’t do crap with wood though, just something more crafty!!