5 Things You Must Ask Your Wedding Makeup Artist

I recently got an email from a bride asking me for advice on what to ask makeup artists before she chooses one.  So I got to thinking and came up with a list of five things you absolutely must ask a makeup artist before hiring them.

Indian Pakistani Wedding Bride Makeup Jewelry

via Pinterest

1)  Ask the artist for photos of brides they’ve done makeup on

This will help you see their work, a photo speaks volumes of a makeup artist’s ability and I recommend asking to see examples of past work.  You wouldn’t buy a wedding dress without seeing the designer’s quality of work, so don’t make the same mistake with your wedding makeup artist!

2)  Get a trial

If you can, get a trial!  Usually, brides start scheduling their trial appointments 6 months prior the wedding, and more in advanced if the makeup artist is in high demand (particularly in the Pakistani/Indian wedding industry).  You can negotiation to have the trial cost discounted or included in the day-of rate if you end up going with the artist.

3) Ask what brands makeup is used

This may or may not be important to brides, but, I would like to know what kind of makeup will be used.  I asked if an artist airbrushed and also made sure to find out what my eyelash options were.  My favorite brands for face are: Make Up For Ever, MAC, Nars, and Bobbi Brown (they have great colors for Indian/Pakistani skin tones).

4) Ask them how they would do your makeup (Face Chart!)

Urban Decay Face Chart

Urban Decay Face Chart

If you have the misfortune of living far from the wedding site or simply don’t want to pay for a trial, ask them to fill out a face chart with the colors they would use on you.  Ask them to tell you how they would accent your face and highlight your features.  If they can confidently tell you they will “slenderize” your nose by using xyz highlight techniques, they kudos to them.  (I still highly recommend trials if you can get them!)

5) Ask how many weddings they have done in the past year

It’s important to know how many weddings an artist typically does because the more experienced in-demand artist is probably better at their art.  This is also important so that you can talk to brides who have used the artist to find out how they felt about the makeup artist.  You wouldn’t hire an employee without a reference… don’t hire a makeup artist without one either!
I hope this list helps out.  Do you have anything else you would add to this?  If you’re a makeup artist, what would you add to this list?

Pakistani Wedding Ideas: Teal & Red Lengha Inspiration Board

I created this board to give brides an idea of what they should do if their Valimah outfit (or wedding outfit, you modern brides!) is blue.  My sister-in-law had a gorgeous red outfit with deep blue accents, and we had an incredible time picking decor.  Since most brides these days tend to not want to focus so much on the “red” (way overdone) I created an inspiration board around this particular lengha that plays around with the blue and cream hues more.


Whereas the dress does not have a hint of white, I think it’s perfectly OK to place cream or champagne colored accents on the cake, depending on your embroidery.  I think where most brides go wrong is where they try to mimic the teal or almost pastel shade of their blue outfit in their makeup.  It’s absolutely not necessary to have teal colored eyeshadow, what you can do is play up your gorgeous  almond-shaped Pakistani eyes and use this silvery smokey eye makeup (find details on my Pinterest).

I also love that hydrangeas can be found in blue if you must have blue centerpieces!  You can mix your flowers with shades of deep purple and cream or gold colored flowers if you want to.

What colors do you struggle finding wedding inspiration for?



Bridal Beauty: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Beauty Recap

Hello all!  With the wedding over and behind me (it happened 4 months ago can you believe it??) I don’t have much time or topics to blog about.  I’ve been meaning to blog about more experiences with super important things, like your makeup trials, choosing a DJ (mine was AWFUL!) and other little things that you should really spend a bit more time on when searching for your perfect vendors.

But for right now, let’s talk about Kim Kardashian and her wedding that just aired on E!

I would have to say the best thing about Kim K (as always) is that girls incredible makeup!  Her artists never fail to make her look incredible, and for her first look, I love the pink glossy lips and brown eye shadow.  I feel like the entire blog world was buzzing about it and brides will for sure copy that.  Take a look below, beautiful!!

Kim Kardashian at her wedding

Her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic dished to People that he used Lancôme 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Golden Frenzy ($48 at Macy’s, Nordstrom) on her lids.  I own the Urban Decay Naked Palette so I’m not sure I’d need to buy this $48 palette, but I will go to Macy’s to test it out.  Her makeup artist to People “I swept the golden shade all over lid, the darkest shade along her crease and the lightest shade I used on the brow bone to highlight. I swept the golden colors along Kim’s lower lash line for a super-soft smoky look.” He doesn’t mention which false lashes he used on her eyes, but since she’s known to wear Make Up For Ever foundation it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the brand she wore.  I usually tend to go for the MAC lashes because the #7s never fail me.

Now for that incredible headpiece (diamonds by Lorraine Schwartz.  Would you expect less from Kim??).  It had a little bit of a Pakistani twist to it, since many Pakistani brides wear what we call a “Sehra” or “Mang” around their head (see photo below).  I chose not to wear one because I think they only suit a certain woman’s face.

Pakistani head piece

Do you see where the inspiration came from?  Not quite the same, but very similar!  What did you think of her wedding??  Amazing, our a bit too much?