Pakistani Wedding Ideas: Teal & Red Lengha Inspiration Board

I created this board to give brides an idea of what they should do if their Valimah outfit (or wedding outfit, you modern brides!) is blue.  My sister-in-law had a gorgeous red outfit with deep blue accents, and we had an incredible time picking decor.  Since most brides these days tend to not want to focus so much on the “red” (way overdone) I created an inspiration board around this particular lengha that plays around with the blue and cream hues more.


Whereas the dress does not have a hint of white, I think it’s perfectly OK to place cream or champagne colored accents on the cake, depending on your embroidery.  I think where most brides go wrong is where they try to mimic the teal or almost pastel shade of their blue outfit in their makeup.  It’s absolutely not necessary to have teal colored eyeshadow, what you can do is play up your gorgeous  almond-shaped Pakistani eyes and use this silvery smokey eye makeup (find details on my Pinterest).

I also love that hydrangeas can be found in blue if you must have blue centerpieces!  You can mix your flowers with shades of deep purple and cream or gold colored flowers if you want to.

What colors do you struggle finding wedding inspiration for?




3 thoughts on “Pakistani Wedding Ideas: Teal & Red Lengha Inspiration Board

  1. I didn’t struggle finding inspiration for my colors per se; rather I was really really reeeeeally keen that the blue in my outfit not have any green tinge to it, which was suprisingly hard to explain, even with cloth samples. Eventually it worked out, but that was important to me. After that, I knew I wanted to veer away from typical blue/purlpe/pink type of look, and have more golden/bright colors in there. So I think my flowers, especially the bouquets, turned out perfectly. Just felt like sharing!

    • I loved, loved, loved everything you did with your wedding! I know exactly what you mean with that green tinge! I find that it’s hard to make sure it photographs as a pure blue, too. I liked the color combination you chose for your wedding, a lot! Would love to share photos on here for other brides for inspiration, is that OK? I actually had you and Saara in mind writing this post. Thanks for the comment ❤

      • Sure, I wouldn’t mind. You can email me if there’s anything specific you would like… Yeah I saw photos of Saara’s wedding, her outfit was absolutley lovely too. It’s fun to go against the traditional grain.

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