Bridesmaid Gifts: DIY Element; Part 1 of 2 Posts

I would just like to say I so appreciate the emails and comments on this blog.  I am so happy I’m able to provide insight to you girls on your wedding planning.  This post is finally here after a request from one of my readers last week, so here you are!

I wanted to get my bridesmaids something other than the typical gift and it took me a while to find something special for them.  I was on the hunt for a DIY gift idea, so I started making a shadowbox frame that was meant to hold a photo me and the bridesmaid at my wedding.  This turned out to be WAY too tedious (I had 8 bridesmaids!) and not nearly pretty enough, so I axed this idea.  (Still – in the event I wanted to do this for later, I had a solo photo taken with each of them at my wedding.)

So instead, I decided to do a “Bridesmaid Survival Kit” for the DIY Element of the bridesmaid gift after seeing a post online about a similar thing.  It was really well received by the girls so I think this is something all brides should totally consider giving your bridesmaids!

Shopping List:

-Cello bags, recommend 4×9 or bigger (can be bought at Michaels or here on
-Cardstock to print labels

For inside the bags:
Advil or other painkiller
-Nail File
-Hand Sanitizer
-Mints or Gum
-Feminine Products
-Kleenex (for those tears!)
-Band-aids (for the feet – I got cute with it and got Hello Kitty bandages)
Shout Wipes
-Lipgloss or chapstick

Some people with bigger budgets (and less than 8 bridesmaids!) can also perhaps include a nice nail polish that is in your wedding colors.  It’s a cute addition and is something that the girls can all use for the wedding.  For the lipgloss, a cute idea is to get Stila Lipgloss Trios and give one each to the girls – these are usually only $12 at beauty supply stores and they come in nice colors.

Step 1:

I printed this ADORABLE templates (free, too!) from 100layercake on nice card stock and cut them to size.  I used a paper trimmer because I am OCD.

Step 2:

I started shopping for all the items on my shopping list (above) 2-3 months before my wedding – I went to Target and shopped in the travel section for the shout wipes, the Advil, kleenex (for those tears!), and band-aids.  I also went to Bath & Body Works and picked up the hand sanitizers there ($1 each!) because they come in really great scents.  The mints were also from Target, got the travel pack of Tic-Tacs and Breath Savers.  I think in retrospect I would have picked up the Victoria’s Secrets mints for that aspect… because the heart shaped tin is TOO CUTE.

Fun story: On the day of the wedding, a bridesmaid asked if I had Advil and her kit had it; another had some stain on her dress and the shout wipes also came in handy!  *yay*  The purpose of this gift was for it to be a truly useful gift and it made me happy that they used it.

Step 3:

Start putting all your items in the bags!  Do not underestimate how long this project takes.  I spent QUITE a few hours assembling this kit – do this at least 2 months before your wedding like I did.   Stuffing the items into the bag and stapling the tags over really takes a while.

Here’s the final product, which I think was truly worth the effort:

Bridal Party Survival Kit – Final Product

This was part 1 of a 3-part Bridesmaids Gift.  Visit later this week to see how the full gift turned out!  I was beyond thrilled with how the full gift turned out with the custom elements.  Stay tuned!

Total Project Cost: About $10/kit.



Bridal Shower: Sex and the City Style!

Bridal Showers are soo much fun! My sister is getting married at the end of December, so naturally I get to return the favor and plan an amazing bridal shower for her!  We initially were thinking of doing a Mediterranean/Moroccan Theme (for which we scoured Raj Tents for inspiration!) but we had to change the theme to Sex and the City. There’s a lot we can do with SATC!

I was inspired by the New York Skyline at sunset–the beautiful colors really spoke to me: blue, orange, pink, and the blackened buildings against the skyline.  I was careful not to think “too pink” because she’s not as in love with pink as I am.  Here’s a quick inspiration board I came up with using StyleMePretty‘s incredible service:

I like the idea of periwinkle blue table covers (probably cocktail height), orange, pink and white paper lanterns stringed along with lights, pink cocktails a-la Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda’s favorite Cosmos, Hors D’Oerves and mini-foods as the main course (because really, how else do New York girls stay skinny?), and of course a fabulous assortment of desserts. I’m thinking cupcakes with little Martini glasses and High Heel cutouts atop them, macarons (yum!) and cute desserts in shot glasses (Pier 1 has super cute ones!).

My cousins and I haven’t discussed the menu yet, but I’m imagining sliders with a side of fries in a cute cone cup as our main courses. Maybe even truffled mac-n-cheese (delicious!) in cute single serving cups…. hmmm the ideas are endless!

Do you have any ideas for main dishes?