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You are also more than welcome to contact me if you have general questions or inquiries.

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9 thoughts on “Contact

      • Hi Sidra,

        I wanted to follow up on your bridesmaid blog. You said you would update us and let us know what you actually gifted your bridesmaids. Can you please share 🙂 .. I’m looking for ideas and my wedding is next month inshAllah!

      • Hi Sadia! Thanks for the reminder; I totally forgot to post that blog. It should be a fun one! I will do it within a week or two. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Come back in a week or so or just subscribe so you get an alert letting you know when it’s up! 🙂

  1. Hi there,

    i just looking searching on google for makeup artist n hairstyles, henna for bride;s wedding soon!! but i want to say this reallly love your pictures and what a amazing you have wonderful pair!! 😉

    have a enjoy night!

  2. Hi, i have just seen the pink and gold wedding suit from the catwalk picture that you mentioned on this page, was wondering where I would be able to get hold of it and if you had any details on it? It’s absolutely stunning and would love for my sister to wear this on her own wedding 🙂


  3. Hi Sidra!

    I’m a bride marrying a Pakistani and we’re in need of help looking for a Pakistani wedding planner for full services within our budget of $3K-4K in Los Angeles, CA. If you know anyone, I mean a-n-y-o-n-e, please email us!

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