Wedding Etiquette: E-Thank You Cards vs Paper Thank You Cards

As I slowly pass my 8-month anniversary mark, I remember a few things: 1) I need to pick my photos for the album and 2) I need to write Thank You Notes!  Etiquette states that you have up to 1 year to write the notes, and though that’s more than fair, I still feel terrible that we haven’t yet ordered cards and started to write them.  Some people have suggested e-Thank You Cards, while I prefer paper.  I decided to weigh the Pros & Cons of both:

E-Thank You Cards:


-Saves paper since you are “going green” with your e-card
-Type them, so they are completed more quickly
-Will know immediately if the card is rejected due to inaccurate address
-Saves money (postage rates are rising)


-Very Impersonal
-Some older guests may not appreciate it

Paper Thank You Cards:


Can serve as memorabilia by including a wedding day photo
-More personal with hand-written touches
-Guests will likely appreciate the gesture


It will likely end up in the trash (unless you buy these expensive plantable ones)
-Costly postage
-Costly cards
-If a guest has moved, the card may not reach them

So as you can see, there are many pros and cons of both cards, but I can’t seem to decide which one to go with.  I for certain will get the cards taken care of by the end of March!

How soon after your wedding did you and your husband write Thank You cards?  Did you order specialty cards?  How long did it take to write your thank you notes if you wrote them?


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