Princess Gown

Alfred Angelo is releasing a line of Disney princess inspired wedding gowns in early 2011, which makes me rethink whether or not I should get a white dress along with my Pakistani outfit.  I do kind of need to send photos to the in-laws in Macedonia after the wedding…so I don’t see why I couldn’t get a pretty white dress to take photos in.  And why splurge on something that’s just for the photos?  Alfred Angelo is an inexpensive dress maker that has beautiful designs, and is certainly a step up from David’s Bridal.

Here’s a peak at their gorgeous Disney Fairytale Collection:

Snow White inspired dress takes from nature, and features a beautiful flowing skirt and fitted bodice…it might be one of my favorites, even though Snow White is definitely not my most favorite princess.

This Ariel inspired gown has a gorgeous mermaid silhouette that’s sure to accentuate the curves of any bride.  Love it!

And this is a Sleeping Beauty inspired gown… love this one too because I love the texture of the skirt and the single strap… so cute!  Very girly and amazingly princess like.  Love!

See more of the collection and a video here.


Bridal Couture Week-Nomi Ansari

Pakistan held it’s very first Bridal Couture Week From Nov 26-28, and fabulous designers like Nomi Ansari, Ali Xee, HSY and Mehdi were among the talented who had their garments shown down the runway.  Produced by the Christy Turlington or Cindy Crawford of Pakistan, supermodel Vaneeza Ahmad, this show was poised for success and I was so excited to see pictures as they became available (though Vinny being on the runway would’ve made me happy!)!  After all, the garments on display were geared towards brides-to-be like myself, and many designers definitely did not disappoint.  I’ve waited to order my bridal trousseau (every Pakistani bride gets 10+ new outfits from her family as a wedding gift) just for fashion shows like this one…. so let’s get started talking about my most FAVORITE designer, Nomi Ansari.

Nomi Ansari’s show on night one was incredible!  He blended traditional Pakistani and Ajrak styles with pops of color and fashion-forward looks for the young and modern bride.  He’s one of my all-time favorite Pakistani designers.  He plays with color in a way few designers know how to—he doesn’t overdo it yet he pushes the envelope just far enough.This bright pink outfit is outfitted with muted down beige sleeves, full-front embroidery and bead work, and also has colorful borders of bright green, dark blue, gold, orange and even a bit of lilac.  This frock style outfit is perfect for a mehndi….and don’t be surprised if you see me wearing something like this next July!  I just wish I could find better photos! His designs are amazing for the modern Pakistani bride who wants anything but the typical red and gold wedding outfits.

Here’s another amazing Nomi Ansari outfit that’s well suited for young, fun bride that wants a traditional mehndi green colored outfit that has a bit of pop.  The orange sleeves give it a unique touch.  I love the length, the wide pajamas, and judging by the other outfits  he showed, the 6 inch border is totally in with Pakistani clothes right now.

And here’s another up close look at this FABULOUS outfit. And I have to say, the heavy embroidery around the neck eliminates the need for a necklace which allows for a heavy teeka (head piece) that this model is not afraid to rock.  Love love love this outfit!

Not sure the cost on these clothes, and as Nomi is very difficult to get in contact with when trying to reach him via e-mail.  These two outfits are top contenders for my mehndi outfit… do I go for hot pink or mehndi green?  Decisions, Decisions.

Christy Turlington