Falling in Love with White by Vera Wang Collection for David’s Bridal!

Just go an e-mail from Vera Wang’s boutique saying that her White by Vera Wang collection for David’s Bridal collection is finally available for all to see!  I die!  I am so so so so excited… they will be in store on February 11…mark your calendars ladies!  I used to cringe at the idea of high-end couture being sold at David’s Bridal… but, if I can get a gorgeous gown for this great a deal, I will do it!  So glad that designers are making affordable pieces for us…. and by affordable I mean $600-$1400!!  Vera said she is still using high-quality fabrics for her gowns in an interview I saw, so yay!!  I saw a sneak peak on Oprah a while ago but I’m excited it’s finally going to be in stores soon!

I have never imagined myself wearing a white dress, but, I am going to order one for my in-laws… as…. well, we are having two weddings.  A Pakistani wedding and a Macedonian wedding.  LUCKY ME! 🙂  I get to order a beautiful gown, and Vera’s timing could not come soon enough.  Her White by Vera Wang collection starts at just $600!  Her dresses are drop-dead gorgeous and I cannot wait to try them on! I have an appointment on Feb 20, will let you know how it goes.

Some dresses from the White by Vera Wang collection:

The one on the far left is only $600!  Love all the detail on the bodice and the organza overlay.  The beautiful v-neck applique dress on the right is only $800.. what a deal!

My most favorite gown in this whole collection is the blush pink organza gown on the right here… it is such a great deal at just $1200… for Vera Wang.  It comes in Ivory and white too for the traditional brides.

Some more dresses I’m loving:

See more from the White by Vera Wang collection here.

Apparently she also is going to release some Bridesmaids dresses! 🙂

I am in LOVE!


HSY’s Collection at Bridal Couture Week… what’s the hype?

Oh yes, I did go there.  I’m just trying to figure out why HSY is so famous.  Bunto Kazmi, Karma, Nomi Ansari I can understand, but HSY just puzzles me.   I was looking through some of his designs that he showed at Pakistan’s Bridal Couture Week, and while some are fantastic, others are a little too overdone.  Take this one for example….

I cannot begin to understand why he is so excited about putting this red, black and orange bridal lengha down the runway… in a bridal industry where it’s runway straight to the store, this outfit just makes no sense.  It’s over embellished and just overall too busy.  I can’t imagine myself wearing this, or appreciating this at any woman’s wedding.   There is way too much going on and I just don’t know where to look!  Away is probably good….  The kaam on the dupatta is just a mess and I really think he is trying too hard.

Now, I don’t hate all of his clothes, and I’m kind of in love with this classic black open-front outfit.  I’m loving the blush pink and light blue border at the bottom…. so it looks like 6-8 inch borders at the bottom are totally here to stay, score!  Notice how the back is also embroidered, I saw this in some of Nomi Ansari & Karma’s recent collections too, it’s a cool new addition that some may argue is unnecessary, but I think it’s an ingenious way to spice up traditional Pakistani outfits.

That’s a total runway to reality piece.  I love how Pakistani designers don’t do anything in “all black” and mix it up with colors.

Now this pink and yellow one… I kind of like for a maiyon outfit.  I’d have to say all the embroidery on the top would have to be toned down, but how cute is this?  I’d probably go for a simple chiffon dupatta though to save all the excitement for my wedding dress.

I like it.  His cream colored men’s sherwani (the traditional outfit guys wear to weddings) is amazing… I would love to walk down to Nick at our wedding in one of these! (just lose the dupatta wrapped as a scarf!)  I love how nicely embroidered the top of this is… I hate shiny outfits on guys!   I’m also loving the fit on the pants…. such an incredibly sexy sherwani!  Too bad my groom refuses to wear one!  I really think if he saw this he would change his mind.

Now the reason I’m so excited about that outfit is because Pakistani grooms really get left behind in bridal couture…. and this photo is a prime example of the beatings they take in Pakistani fashion.   Some Pakistani brides just really want all the attention on them and really don’t give a shit what their grooms look like… I mean if you’re going to put them in this you’re an evil bride.  What’s with the v-neck and golden embroidery on this white outfit… and that hat! We do bridal gowns so well, poor Pakistani grooms!!  This does not do anyone any favors…. the fit, the man dupatta, the crinkle material… 😦  this is what poor Nick thinks all Pakistani men’s bridal wear looks like I bet.

And just look how gorgeous this model looks next to him!!  This lengha is soo beautiful!!  HSY did such a good job with this silver and light blue lengha.  I am in LOVE!  If I was having a valima, I would wear this.  It’s the perfect Valima outfit!  The white georgette (or chiffon?) dupatta on this suit just makes it all the more appealing, a little alluring and a little modern.

Now a couple of things I noticed and am really excited about with HSY’s collection… he keeps the very long shirts for bridal.  It’s not very normal to have shirts that long, in traditional lenghas the shirts skim the knees.  This is a new phenomena and I’m excited that it’s during my wedding time.  My personal take on the benefits of this is, you can absolutely wear the top again with a churidar pajama (a fitted pant) and a light chiffon dupatta.  I DEFINITELY plan on doing that with my outfit.  The long shirt also helps to make the bride appear taller… not that I need it.   I have been trying to get in touch with my dress maker to get pants made for my top so I can wear it again.  These outfits cost so much money it’s foolish not to try and wear them again especially with these styles.

Wedding Guests Lists, The Challenge of Getting Organized

Wedding Guests lists are honestly such a pain.  I feel like we have spent months working on this list, and it is still barely finalized.  Instead of it shrinking, the list keeps growing and growing as my parents keep remembering friends who didn’t make it to the first list.  I was not allowed to go out tonight because finalizing a budget and organizing my list were the top priorities of my parents, finally!

We’ve been cutting people out, adding others in, and figuring out whose children should be invited and whose should be left out.  As my other blog post already states, I am not a fan of non-family children being at my wedding, so I honestly am not inviting anyone’s child to my wedding that I don’t have conversations with.  My dad wanted to invite someone’s child, and my mom and I kept reminding him what it will cost him.  Too funny.  The Pakistani wedding list is a challenge, because you have to invite whoever has previously invited you to their wedding to yours and you have to invite mere acquaintances.  To top it all off, people have approached me to ask me if they are invited to my wedding, and they’ve also asked my mother if they are going to be invited.  I’ve also heard about the nightmarish activities which involve crossing out how many people are invited, and adding your own number, like for example, if two people are invited, people cross that number out and write in “4” or “5”.  Not ok!  If my parents find it too tacky to call these “guests” and remind them that the RSVP card stated 2 invitations, I will do it on their behalf.  People who know me know that I am not joking.

I literally only included 35 of my friends on my list… past roommates, very good college friends who made it a point to keep in touch beyond Facebook, people who I had good friendships with…. so for example,  there are a few people I didn’t stay  close with through all the college years but I met them my freshman year, had great memories and great conversations with them and cannot imagine my wedding without them.  We don’t see each other very often anymore, but I couldn’t leave them out of the most important day of my life because I’ve essentially known them for 6 1/2 years now.  I chose to invite who I did because I know they are truly happy for me 🙂  What kind of sucks is I can’t do “plus 1’s” for my friends because a guest list over 350 people is just ridiculous… so sorry in advanced!  I just hope everyone has a nice time!  I don’t think I’ll be making any new friends… so I think I’m done with my part of the list.  I really thought about who to invite carefully and cut people out until I got to this list, and I am so beyond happy with who I have 🙂  I don’t think I forgot anyone.

As for my parents part of the list…. well we certainly intend on finalizing it soon because we plan on sending invitations out by April or May.  Making my seating chart is going to be a nightmare, I already know it.  Pakistani people don’t send RSVP cards back as it is (my family is guilty) so I know my parents will be psycho-dialing our guests before the wedding to get our list so that we can get our final count so I can make my seating chart.

One thing I am doing right now to keep things a bit more organized is grouping individuals by the other people they are going to be seated with.  I’m going to use WeddingWire‘s app for seating arrangements to create my chart. For example, Natasha, Farida and Tammy are all one row apart on my list because they were all my roommates, and they’d probably have a great time sitting next to each other at my wedding.  I think that’s a smart way to get organized ahead of the game… hope it makes my seating chart a lot easier.  I just hope extra people don’t end up coming, because that will be really embarrassing for them being told that they are not on the list. :/

I’ve also been told making a B-list is a good idea just in case someone decides they cannot come and we end up having more space.  I’m thinking about it.