HSY’s Collection at Bridal Couture Week… what’s the hype?

Oh yes, I did go there.  I’m just trying to figure out why HSY is so famous.  Bunto Kazmi, Karma, Nomi Ansari I can understand, but HSY just puzzles me.   I was looking through some of his designs that he showed at Pakistan’s Bridal Couture Week, and while some are fantastic, others are a little too overdone.  Take this one for example….

I cannot begin to understand why he is so excited about putting this red, black and orange bridal lengha down the runway… in a bridal industry where it’s runway straight to the store, this outfit just makes no sense.  It’s over embellished and just overall too busy.  I can’t imagine myself wearing this, or appreciating this at any woman’s wedding.   There is way too much going on and I just don’t know where to look!  Away is probably good….  The kaam on the dupatta is just a mess and I really think he is trying too hard.

Now, I don’t hate all of his clothes, and I’m kind of in love with this classic black open-front outfit.  I’m loving the blush pink and light blue border at the bottom…. so it looks like 6-8 inch borders at the bottom are totally here to stay, score!  Notice how the back is also embroidered, I saw this in some of Nomi Ansari & Karma’s recent collections too, it’s a cool new addition that some may argue is unnecessary, but I think it’s an ingenious way to spice up traditional Pakistani outfits.

That’s a total runway to reality piece.  I love how Pakistani designers don’t do anything in “all black” and mix it up with colors.

Now this pink and yellow one… I kind of like for a maiyon outfit.  I’d have to say all the embroidery on the top would have to be toned down, but how cute is this?  I’d probably go for a simple chiffon dupatta though to save all the excitement for my wedding dress.

I like it.  His cream colored men’s sherwani (the traditional outfit guys wear to weddings) is amazing… I would love to walk down to Nick at our wedding in one of these! (just lose the dupatta wrapped as a scarf!)  I love how nicely embroidered the top of this is… I hate shiny outfits on guys!   I’m also loving the fit on the pants…. such an incredibly sexy sherwani!  Too bad my groom refuses to wear one!  I really think if he saw this he would change his mind.

Now the reason I’m so excited about that outfit is because Pakistani grooms really get left behind in bridal couture…. and this photo is a prime example of the beatings they take in Pakistani fashion.   Some Pakistani brides just really want all the attention on them and really don’t give a shit what their grooms look like… I mean if you’re going to put them in this you’re an evil bride.  What’s with the v-neck and golden embroidery on this white outfit… and that hat! We do bridal gowns so well, poor Pakistani grooms!!  This does not do anyone any favors…. the fit, the man dupatta, the crinkle material… 😦  this is what poor Nick thinks all Pakistani men’s bridal wear looks like I bet.

And just look how gorgeous this model looks next to him!!  This lengha is soo beautiful!!  HSY did such a good job with this silver and light blue lengha.  I am in LOVE!  If I was having a valima, I would wear this.  It’s the perfect Valima outfit!  The white georgette (or chiffon?) dupatta on this suit just makes it all the more appealing, a little alluring and a little modern.

Now a couple of things I noticed and am really excited about with HSY’s collection… he keeps the very long shirts for bridal.  It’s not very normal to have shirts that long, in traditional lenghas the shirts skim the knees.  This is a new phenomena and I’m excited that it’s during my wedding time.  My personal take on the benefits of this is, you can absolutely wear the top again with a churidar pajama (a fitted pant) and a light chiffon dupatta.  I DEFINITELY plan on doing that with my outfit.  The long shirt also helps to make the bride appear taller… not that I need it.   I have been trying to get in touch with my dress maker to get pants made for my top so I can wear it again.  These outfits cost so much money it’s foolish not to try and wear them again especially with these styles.


2 thoughts on “HSY’s Collection at Bridal Couture Week… what’s the hype?

  1. So obviously I’m not on the up and up on the full cultural significance of each item of clothing/ the colors etc but the last two dresses are absolutely gorgeous!!! God the embroidery is amazing.

    Hahaha so wait what is Nick wearing then? I can’t believe I haven’t even thought about that yet, all I’ve been focusing on is how awesome you’re going to look (but can you blame me?).

    • haha thanks! this is one of the most famous Pakistani designers…. his last two are really pretty I know! Nick wants to wear a tuxedo… lol. I’m not allowed to encourage otherwise.

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