Falling in Love with White by Vera Wang Collection for David’s Bridal!

Just go an e-mail from Vera Wang’s boutique saying that her White by Vera Wang collection for David’s Bridal collection is finally available for all to see!  I die!  I am so so so so excited… they will be in store on February 11…mark your calendars ladies!  I used to cringe at the idea of high-end couture being sold at David’s Bridal… but, if I can get a gorgeous gown for this great a deal, I will do it!  So glad that designers are making affordable pieces for us…. and by affordable I mean $600-$1400!!  Vera said she is still using high-quality fabrics for her gowns in an interview I saw, so yay!!  I saw a sneak peak on Oprah a while ago but I’m excited it’s finally going to be in stores soon!

I have never imagined myself wearing a white dress, but, I am going to order one for my in-laws… as…. well, we are having two weddings.  A Pakistani wedding and a Macedonian wedding.  LUCKY ME! 🙂  I get to order a beautiful gown, and Vera’s timing could not come soon enough.  Her White by Vera Wang collection starts at just $600!  Her dresses are drop-dead gorgeous and I cannot wait to try them on! I have an appointment on Feb 20, will let you know how it goes.

Some dresses from the White by Vera Wang collection:

The one on the far left is only $600!  Love all the detail on the bodice and the organza overlay.  The beautiful v-neck applique dress on the right is only $800.. what a deal!

My most favorite gown in this whole collection is the blush pink organza gown on the right here… it is such a great deal at just $1200… for Vera Wang.  It comes in Ivory and white too for the traditional brides.

Some more dresses I’m loving:

See more from the White by Vera Wang collection here.

Apparently she also is going to release some Bridesmaids dresses! 🙂

I am in LOVE!


5 thoughts on “Falling in Love with White by Vera Wang Collection for David’s Bridal!

  1. Ahhh I love them all!! I too am super excited to see you in a white dress…although that blush colored one would look amazing with your skin tone!!!

    • I know aren’t they gorgeous!!! I’m in love! The blush one is soo pretty but I don’t know how the in laws will feel about it. Might do ivory, but I am in love with the blush!

    • Thank you! I love that one the most. I thought her line would look cheap too considering the price, but her stuff looks incredible in photos. She said she’s going to use good materials for it. 🙂

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