My Wedding Dress Arrived….

Sooo I’m pretty excited about this but my wedding dress (a gharara) from Pakistan got in 2 weeks ago!

I ordered it based off a photo, and the colors are spot on and look incredibly beautiful.  That was my biggest nightmare…. the colors looking off and not good.  Thankfully, the colors are JUST what I wanted and I could not be happier.

I just don’t know what to do about a couple of things on the outfit.  I’ve only shown it to like three people, and they all like it, but I’m having issues with the top.  I think it needs more embroidery.  I don’t know… I just told my mom and she just told me that she doesn’t want to send it back.  I don’t know what to do!! We spent a lot of money and I don’t think it’s BAD, it is just NOT what I expected.  I had a different idea in mind for the embroidery on the top and the photo reflected that too… but the outfit doesn’t have it.

Those are the risks you take when you order based on a photo.   I just realized that we spent as much as I probably would have ordering directly from another designer.

Maybe I’m just stressing, and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my outfit.  I really truly do.  Just not sure what to do.


Oh also! My dress for the Macedonian event is ready!!!  YAY!  I have to pick it up this weekend.

Traditional Pakistani Mehndi with a Twist

I love traditional Pakistani Mehndis!  They are so fun and have an incredible amount of color, singing and dancing. My personal take is not to spend a ridiculous amount of money on my Mehndi because I’d rather it be budgeted towards the wedding, to have a spectacular wedding because that’s the best part of the events.  But, I can always dream!  I made this cute little inspiration board on Project Wedding, and thought I’d share ideas for a fancy, colorful and traditional Pakistani Mehndi:

I remember going to Mehndis in Karachi when I was younger.  They would close off streets with bright tents, the bride’s cousins would dress in matching yellow and green outfits, and girls would be wearing glass bangles up to their elbows. I feel like I saw a ton of Dahlias and Jasmine flowers, and of course, as pictured here, the bride’s hands were covered in Henna.

I think a perfect outfit for a bride would be this Nomi Ansari peshwas, which is a traditional outfit that never goes out of style.  Nomi Ansari showed this outfit at Pakistan’s Bridal Couture Week in November 2010.

I love that it has shades of orange, yellow and bright pink on a crinkle chiffon type outfit.  Love it and I think it goes so perfectly with my traditional Mehndi dream event.

There’s a tent company called Raj Tents that rents out luxurious Moroccan and Indian style tents.  Super pricey… which is why this event will just remain a dream for now.  How fun would one of their tents be for a Mehndi though!!