My Wedding Dress Arrived….

Sooo I’m pretty excited about this but my wedding dress (a gharara) from Pakistan got in 2 weeks ago!

I ordered it based off a photo, and the colors are spot on and look incredibly beautiful.  That was my biggest nightmare…. the colors looking off and not good.  Thankfully, the colors are JUST what I wanted and I could not be happier.

I just don’t know what to do about a couple of things on the outfit.  I’ve only shown it to like three people, and they all like it, but I’m having issues with the top.  I think it needs more embroidery.  I don’t know… I just told my mom and she just told me that she doesn’t want to send it back.  I don’t know what to do!! We spent a lot of money and I don’t think it’s BAD, it is just NOT what I expected.  I had a different idea in mind for the embroidery on the top and the photo reflected that too… but the outfit doesn’t have it.

Those are the risks you take when you order based on a photo.   I just realized that we spent as much as I probably would have ordering directly from another designer.

Maybe I’m just stressing, and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my outfit.  I really truly do.  Just not sure what to do.


Oh also! My dress for the Macedonian event is ready!!!  YAY!  I have to pick it up this weekend.


3 thoughts on “My Wedding Dress Arrived….

  1. Two things that you could play around with to compensate for the lack of kaam are 1) how you drape your dupatta, and 2) the jewelry (if you haven’t gotten it yet). The advantage of having a not-so-heavy-kameez is that you have more options with dupatta placement because you don’t have to worry about covering up the kaam on it. If you haven’t gotten the jewelry yet, you could for something a little bit bigger and/or ornate that would otherwise look “too much.” You would run a major risk at this point in terms of shipping and turnaround time to get more embroidery done, so now is the time to get creative!

  2. haha Rabia you’re my favorite bride now!! ❤ it! I showed my cousins my top yesterday and they all thought I was crazy for saying the top had too little embroidery– they made the same suggestion about jewelry like you did. I actually am going to go and pick out jewelry this weekend and *hopefully* it turns out good! My mom told me I can't get the top re-made lol. Ahh! How did your dress turn out??

  3. Haha well thanks! 🙂 Did you manage to find some jewelry over the weekend? Play with the jewelry and dupatta as much as you can before the wedding to see what will look best so on the day of your wedding you know exactly how you want it styled. If you leave it to the week or day of, you’ll be a frantic mess and get frustrated with the whole look, and we want a happy bride 🙂

    I haven’t gotten my outfit yet, but the designer told me that he’s getting more kaam done on the top part because it looked too empty to him. Other than that, it’s ready to be stitched when I give him my updated measurements. I need it soon, though, so I can figure out makeup. Who are you thinking of going with for makeup?

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