A Little Bit About The Groom & the Groomsmen

Sooo I have been doing all the talking about myself, and I’ve kind of maybe put off to the last minute our groomsmen tuxedos and the styles for Nick’s tux.

The above photo is from InspiredByThis. What do you guys think of this style for the groomsen?  Skinny tie tux? Cute or too laid back?  They’re all going to rent from like Men’s Wearhouse or Friar…. Nick almost sent them alone to pick them out! I told him no! We have to choose their styles.    Anyway, I definitely don’t like the idea bow-tie tuxedos for all the groomsmen… too stuffy for my kind of wedding.   However, one of the groomsmen wore a bow-tie tux for his wedding and looked REALLY STYLISH and and pulled it off really well!  But, I think it’ll be “too formal” if all of them wore it for our wedding, so I’m ok if only Nick wears a tux with a bow-tie!

I also probably want to have them wear funky socks just to take a photo like this (from StyleMePretty)

Love graphic socks for groomsmen!

I have to find a retailer where the guy’s can get nice socks like this… I told Nick this idea and he’s eh about it… I like it though!  I found this retailer, SocksDreams where I might find some funky socks for them at.

Anyway, I think all the groomsmen should be (and are) relieved that I’m not putting them in a sherwani…. like this one from Dress Republic:

There’s not much else to say about these guys.  The Groom and Groomsmen have it so easy!  Just show up in a rented outfit, fix your hair and walk down the aisle.  Easy job.  I have really nice boutonnieres planned for them and am really excited for those.  There are only 4 of them plus the groom, so a really easy job.