Cutest Engagement Shoot!!

Is this not the cutest thing ever! I just saw it on Green Wedding Shoes and am in love.  This couple is local–right from Huntington Beach.  Brandon Kidd shot their photos in San Juan Capistrano, not far at all!

Great engagement photos

Love this swing

So I really love how much thought this couple put into their photos!  ❤ Major inspiration for anyone shooting there’s.  I think the beach is way overrated for photos.

Just thought I’d share.  See more here!


Royal Wedding! Just a day left!!!

OMG! I am so beyond excited!!!!  It’s just a day until Kate + Will’s wedding…eee!! April 29, cannot believe it’s THIS SOON!  I think I’m most excited to see her in her beautiful dress.  She must be SO nervous about the wedding.

Princess Diana in her beautiful gown

Imagine how nervous poor Princess Diana was when she walked into her wedding! EEK!  Just imagining walking down my aisle freaks me out…I get SO anxious, I can’t imagine walking down.  My heart starts pounding just because it’s SO nerve-racking.  Anyway back to the Royal Wedding!   It wedding airs on E! starting at 1am PST on Fri April 29, so I think I’m going to come home, take a nap, then wake up to watch the wedding just so I can see Kate’s beautiful dress.

I wonder what she’s going to wear!! I love all the wedding hype surrounding Kate and her dress.  It’s such a huge deal to finally see a bride’s gown. How she’s kept it a big secret for this long is AMAZING!  Good job Kate.  Here’s a photo of the dress (apparently) arriving to the Gorig Hotel where Kate and her family are staying ahead of the wedding.  I really hope this tiny little garment bag isn’t her dress… I hope her dress is BIG gorgeous ball gown.

Kate's Wedding Dress??

This is probably just Kate’s mom’s dress or her sister’s dress.  It would be silly to let the doorman carry it in.

Anyway, I think the moment everyone looks most forward to is seeing the bride in her dress…. so I can understand the curiosity about my own.  It’s gorgeous, and I can’t tell you what color it is!  Some people know but not all… it’s just a moment that everyone will LOVE more when they get the surprise of seeing it rather than seeing it before you wear it.

Anyway, back to Kate… I cannot wait to see her dress!

Bridal Couture Week Designer Spotlight: Mona Imran

Mona Imran is so new she doesn’t even have her own web page.  A quick google search of this Pakistani designer only populates news results for this past weekends Bridal Couture Week in Karachi… she’s so new but sooo talented.  Hope this show makes her big in the Pakistani bridal industry.  I want her clothes!!!

Take a look at this INCREDIBLE bridal piece…. how I wish I’d seen this before I bought my own outfit.  I’m so so jealous.

Mona Imran Hot Pink Bridal

The detailed embroidery on the top and the dupatta are incredible.  The combination of pink and green…so pretty! Not sure this bright a pink would ever look good on my skin tone, but it’s so so pretty it’s hard not to dream of beautiful clothes.  I wish they would’ve chosen a different necklace for this model though.

Here’s another super traditional outfit of her’s that I really like.

I am just in love with the embroidery on the dupatta and the combination of orange and hot pink.

I am so curious to see how much her stuff retails for.  I honestly have never heard of her–and I pour through bridal magazines like nobody’s business.

Can’t wait to see more collections from Karachi’s Bridal Couture Week!!