Bridal Couture Week Designer Spotlight: Mona Imran

Mona Imran is so new she doesn’t even have her own web page.  A quick google search of this Pakistani designer only populates news results for this past weekends Bridal Couture Week in Karachi… she’s so new but sooo talented.  Hope this show makes her big in the Pakistani bridal industry.  I want her clothes!!!

Take a look at this INCREDIBLE bridal piece…. how I wish I’d seen this before I bought my own outfit.  I’m so so jealous.

Mona Imran Hot Pink Bridal

The detailed embroidery on the top and the dupatta are incredible.  The combination of pink and green…so pretty! Not sure this bright a pink would ever look good on my skin tone, but it’s so so pretty it’s hard not to dream of beautiful clothes.  I wish they would’ve chosen a different necklace for this model though.

Here’s another super traditional outfit of her’s that I really like.

I am just in love with the embroidery on the dupatta and the combination of orange and hot pink.

I am so curious to see how much her stuff retails for.  I honestly have never heard of her–and I pour through bridal magazines like nobody’s business.

Can’t wait to see more collections from Karachi’s Bridal Couture Week!!


4 thoughts on “Bridal Couture Week Designer Spotlight: Mona Imran

  1. I liked the second outfit of hers as well but shes not original or anything. Her collection was just a bunch of random outfits in one show. That being said I liked her pink bridal but that too only because it looked like a Bunto Kazmi.

    • I was going to write that on my blog!! Her styles look remind me a lot of Bunto’s designs, but, they are probably way less costly than Bunto’s. I agree that she’s not as original as Nomi or HSY. Super pretty stuff though!!

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