The Dukan Diet AKA the Kate Middleton Diet

Even though miss Kate Middleton was SUPER tiny before she became engaged to England’s future king, she’s now supposedly on a pre-wedding diet called the Dukan Diet, which celebrities are avid followers of and I am totally going to get on like RIGHT NOW.  Let’s see how this works.

Here’s a picture of the super tiny Kate at her engagement (why even go on a diet? she’s so small!)

Kate Middleton at her Engagement

And here’s a photo of her after the engagement, just in January.  So jealous!! She is TINIER than in the first photo… all thanks (supposedly) to The Dukan Diet.

Kate in January

Anyway, with just 6 short weeks to go you can bet that I am going to get on this diet so I can lose some weight before my wedding.  It’s a diet that apparently helps you lose weight super fast AND promises to help you keep it off.  It’s kind of like the Atkin’s Diet which encourages a carb-free diet.  I love carbs, But I have to hate them before June 5.  I can do that.  (as a side note, I also make an effort to go to the gym 3 times a week to keep toned.)

I wanted to sign up for the Dukan Diet web-based program but its not available yet in the US, so I am just going to buy the book tomorrow.

I am SO nervous but SO excited.  On the Dukan Diet’s website, you fill out a free questionnaire to calculate your “True Weight” and I found out that if I stick to this program, I won’t just lose 10 pounds but 15 pounds by my wedding date!!!  I just have to follow this step-by-step program.  There’s an Attack Phase, Cruise Phase (protein & veggie phase) Consolidation Phase, and Stabilization Phase.  The point of this program is to help you keep off the weight!  The no-rice part is going to be SO difficult for me.

First is the “attack” phase in which you can only eat foods from the following list.  Mine is supposed to be just 2 days on this phase (and I am supposed to lose 2 pounds)– it can range from 1-10 days depending on what the person wishes to lose.  Then you go on to the Cruise Phase (45 days) where I can start adding veggies to the mix.

Attack Phase Memento
Main Rules
  1. Attack Phase takes from 1 to 10 days. During that time you are allowed to chose your meals only form the eight categories listed below.
  2. Providing that you will eat only foodstuffs to be included in the categories below, there are no quantity or frequency limitations to your meals.
  3. You can mix categories with no further restrictions.
  4. Foods listed below are allowed. Foods not listed below are forbidden.
  5. Attack phase will only take a few days.
Allowed Foods

Lean Meat
Beef, veal, horse meat, poultry (no skin + duck and goose excluded; chicken and turkey are the best candidates). Preferably boil the meat. You can also bake it or roast.

Offal / giblets
Liver, chicken liver, kidneys, ox tongue.

Every kind of fish: lean, fat, raw, roasted, boiled, sea/freshwater.

Shellfish, mollusks, crustaceas.

Except duck. No skin.

Cured meat.
Lean cured meat, if possible cured poultry meat or the leanest ham if you feel that you have to eat ham at all

All kinds.

Dairy products.
Light, fat-free, fat-reduced.
Drinks / Other
Water: You should drink 50,7 fl. Oz = 1,5 L of water (preferably mineral, low-mineralized) a day
Condiments and spices: coffee, tea, herbal tea, vinegar, herbs, spices, sauerkrauts, lemon, salt, mustard (do not go crazy though).

Bridal Couture Week 2011! Karachi

Oooh! Just saw my first pictures from Pakistan’s Bridal Couture week, and so far it’s all incredible!!!

I haven’t heard of this designer, her name is Shireen Hassan and her stuff is RIDICULOUSLY beautiful.  Goes to show the trends of frock-like tops is definitely in with block prints and jamavar pattis (ribbons) on the bottom.  I heard frocks like this require 14 yards of fabric to create!

Designed by Shireen Hasan

I had read in an article back in December that Vaneeza, the model who produces this show, was hoping to showcase relative newcomers to the industry rather than stick with the Nomi Ansaris & HSY’s.  I love this collection by Mona Imran (another designer I haven’t heard of!)…the red lengha on the bottom right is to DIE FOR!

Mona Imran

The embroidery on the lengha on the bottom right is outrageously beautiful–I would kill for a bridal lengha like that.  I wish I had some of her stuff for my baree or jahez…. 😦

I’ll update more as I find more photos online…. so far I am impressed!!