Bridal Couture Week 2011! Karachi

Oooh! Just saw my first pictures from Pakistan’s Bridal Couture week, and so far it’s all incredible!!!

I haven’t heard of this designer, her name is Shireen Hassan and her stuff is RIDICULOUSLY beautiful.  Goes to show the trends of frock-like tops is definitely in with block prints and jamavar pattis (ribbons) on the bottom.  I heard frocks like this require 14 yards of fabric to create!

Designed by Shireen Hasan

I had read in an article back in December that Vaneeza, the model who produces this show, was hoping to showcase relative newcomers to the industry rather than stick with the Nomi Ansaris & HSY’s.  I love this collection by Mona Imran (another designer I haven’t heard of!)…the red lengha on the bottom right is to DIE FOR!

Mona Imran

The embroidery on the lengha on the bottom right is outrageously beautiful–I would kill for a bridal lengha like that.  I wish I had some of her stuff for my baree or jahez…. 😦

I’ll update more as I find more photos online…. so far I am impressed!!


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