Unique Engagement Photography Ideas… Have Any Suggestions?

This is something that I probably should have done months ago, and of course, I put this off to the last minute.  I only scheduled it so late because we want to make it unique, and seeing all these fantastic engagement shoots on various wedding websites really intimidated me!  The wedding planning I have down… engagement shoots are a whole other thing to conquer!  Anyway, I’m most excited to actually have professional photos taken ahead of the wedding so I can feel comfortable in front of the camera.

We are just going to schedule our engagement photo shoot for a few weeks from now, so it just makes me work harder to get everything set, like our outfits, hair, makeup, and theme!

Yes, I said theme!  Some people go all out for their engagement shoot, I’ve seen the most unique and cute things… so hard to compete with all these adorable, happy couples.

Here’s a really cute French-inspired Engagement photo from StyleMePretty: (photography by The Wedding Artists Collective)

Cute huh? Love the vintage feel, the stunning background (maybe a museum?) and their French-inspired outfits.

Now this couple did a cute drag-racing engagement shoot (how they come up with this ideas is beyond me!)

Her outfit is adorable and this concept is just too cute!!

And here’s another kind of more normal engagement shoot.. it’s a “date” engagement shoot, kind of think it’s cute:
and then there is this ADORABLE vintage engagement shoot that was featured on 100layercake that was clearly well-planned, has cute scrabble pieces and a little suitcase, love!!  They got all dressed up too and managed not to look tacky even though they were in costume.

I love all the little details above!  I want a shoot with little details like this for mine & Nick’s.

Some people, like this adorable couple, keep it simple with a little picnic on a blanket and adorable photos.  Less is more.  Not entirely sure it’s what I would want to do with Nick though.  Anyone who knows me knows that  I will be going with a box filled with props!

As you can see, we have so much to think about and plan… do you have any suggestions or comments?  I have my hands full with wedding planning and now this!!

I’m combing through blogs for ideas and inspiration for everything, and now am trying to find an engagement session worthy of these style blogs!  Help with details! ❤


2 thoughts on “Unique Engagement Photography Ideas… Have Any Suggestions?

  1. Hi, I am the photographer who shot the vintage drag racing themed engagement shoot. We came up with the idea because the groom enjoys racing and we wanted to incorporate the bride’s grandparent’s 1949 Oldsmobile in which they eloped. To avoid the racing stigma we put a vintage spin on it when we styled it. I am still in love with this shoot. Thanks for featuring on your blog.

  2. Hi Leslee!

    That is so cute, I love your shoot and your photography is seriously incredible!! Thank you for sharing their story with me here. I love that they tied in their grandparent’s elopment in their own engagement shoot. That’s a really neat concept to try and bring in to our own. 🙂 It’s good inspiration for my own wedding I think!

    Thank you for the comment ❤

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