Wedding Websites are the Devil!…sort of

So maybe they are not “the devil” but it’s so easy to waste away 2 hours of your time on websites like, and the like.  It all came about when Nick suggested we have an afternoon wedding… not a bad idea, but I’m not 100% sold on it.   I always imagined an evening reception.  Then I got to thinking of the beautiful Brookside Equestrian Center in Walnut… it’s this amazing equestrian center right up the street from my house, but it’s so isolated and insulated by trees and greenery; it’s amazing!  I had initially crossed that venue off my mental list of venues because events had to be over by 10pm… but for an afternoon affair this venue is perfect.  Who knows!!!  They film TV shows and Elizabeth Taylor even filmed a movie here back in her day.

My comp won’t let me show you guys a pic, UGH.  It’s amazing.  do a google search.  who knows, next June or July you might be at my wedding at this location.

Also for those who have requested… you have to see my ring in person! I won’t post a pic on the blog bc my camera doesn’t do it justice.  It’s so sparkly and it’s a beautiful diamond… I am truly blessed to have such an amazing ring and an amazing fiance!!    Can’t wait to show it to you guys in person!!

Also, I think the bridesmaids are going to wear turquoise, what do you ladies think? (Only Sophia + April read this blog of the bridesmaids, so what do you two think?!)


Bling Bling! and my first bridal show experience!

So I am proud to announce that I am no longer a ringless bride… that only took a few days!  The fiance is so sweet and so great at surprises… I really was NOT expecting it that soon!  When I opened the box, I saw a beautiful ring and my first thought was, “OMG it’s so sparkly!!” and the second was “it’s not what I expected, but I still LOVE IT!”  and what’s funny is when he and I went browsing for rings earlier this year, this style is not the one I wanted… however my ring is SO MUCH BETTER than the other ones I looked at!! I love it, I am so blessed.  🙂

On Sunday, I also went to my first bridal show with Nick.  We had a really great time looking at all the booths and speaking to all the vendors.  Some of them were a little cooky, but many of them were really great and helpful.  We got some great venue recommendations from some of the vendors.  One vendor (a photographer) summed it up pretty well–a hotel ballroom is nothing more than 4 walls and patterned carpet… and she is SO right.  I just want to find a hotel ballroom that looks well-maintained, has high ceilings, and that WON’T make my guests pay some ridiculous fee for parking.   My parents and I find that extraordinarily tacky… please buy me a gift AND pay $8+ for parking to attend my event.  and by the way I won’t warn you before hand because I’m embarrassed that you have to pay for parking, so if you don’t have cash you have to use the hotel ATM and pay an extra fee for taking out cash to pay for your parking.  That being said, if we end up loving a hotel that charges parking, we will probably pre-pay for our guests.  It takes away from my floral and decor budget, but I just don’t think it’s in good taste to pay for parking when you are a guest at a wedding.

Ok off my parking rant.  Now, the bridal show!!! SO MANY PHOTOGRAPHERS I was like WTF there are so many of you.  One was so nice to talk to but then her photo-album had photos that put the groom’s face in the seam of the album… like I learned in yearbook not to put faces in the “gutter” so she’s an out.  But anyways, I got some nice ideas and was actually hoping to meet more florists but I really only met DJs and photographers at the show.

There is another bridal show on Sunday that I am excited to go to.  This time I have my ring so people might take me more seriously!  I just cannot talk to any more photographers!! They all seem the same to me right now.  There are only a few that are significantly better than others.  Anyway let’s just hope there are more florists at this one, I need to set my floral budget.

Also…. venue visit 1 with my family was a TOTAL FAIL.  Not going with them at all.  😦  waste of time.


I don’t know if many of you know this about me, but I absolutely HATE the color green.  Look through your photos of me that you’ve taken with me… you will never see me wearing green.  It just does not happen.  For some reason or another, I hate the color of grass, leaves, whatever.  I like minty green or bright green in moderation, but I truly hate the color green.  So imagine my dismay when the newsletter I look forward to EVERY DAY (it counts down to my wannabe wedding date and gives me GREAT wedding tips) is titled “Color Palette: Green”  I about vomited when I saw that.  EW.  Green.  Green.  YUCK.

So, to all my wedding guests, you will not see green (except in leaves and flower stems).  To my bridesmaids: when we get together Thursday, I won’t make you wear green, don’t worry.   I like turquoise, and varying shades of green, but no green please.  EEEK

Apparently green has lots of positive symbolism, but honestly, green… no.  Read the article here:

Also!!  The wedding dress I love and have seen photos of online has a contrast effect with olive green so I have to tell my dress maker to change it to all one color of the main color I want (secret secret).  I think I am going to order my dress soon so that my little brother can bring it with him in December.  I also plan on having my invitation cards made by December too because I’ll send them out three months before the wedding (March/April).  I think we should order the bridesmaids dresses soon too (they would only take a month to make) so that they are here by December too.  Or else those can wait til June.   I don’t mind either way.  I think maybe I’d wait til spring and have my outfit delivered in June just to see what the latest Pakistani fashion is, but I think the style I’ve had my eye on is here to stay til next June I hope!

I have so much to decide on!! I think I am just going to go with the color scheme I keep going back to and just eenie-meenie-miney-mo my dress because I love em both (that’s a joke, I will talk to my girls and choose it that way!).  I am also SUPER PISSED because the designer I want to use is not returning my e-mails and he is booked months in advanced and I’m not sure I’ll get my dream designer gown! 😦   He is great at playing with colors and I love that about him.  Lucky for me, the boutique I use is fabulous and will create something lovely I’m sure.  Just no Nomi Ansari gown.  *sigh*
anyways we’ll see!   SO much to do and I would love to get it done sooner than later!  June will creep on me like nothing!

also trying to decide on whether or not I should hire a wedding planner…. ahh