Wedding Websites are the Devil!…sort of

So maybe they are not “the devil” but it’s so easy to waste away 2 hours of your time on websites like, and the like.  It all came about when Nick suggested we have an afternoon wedding… not a bad idea, but I’m not 100% sold on it.   I always imagined an evening reception.  Then I got to thinking of the beautiful Brookside Equestrian Center in Walnut… it’s this amazing equestrian center right up the street from my house, but it’s so isolated and insulated by trees and greenery; it’s amazing!  I had initially crossed that venue off my mental list of venues because events had to be over by 10pm… but for an afternoon affair this venue is perfect.  Who knows!!!  They film TV shows and Elizabeth Taylor even filmed a movie here back in her day.

My comp won’t let me show you guys a pic, UGH.  It’s amazing.  do a google search.  who knows, next June or July you might be at my wedding at this location.

Also for those who have requested… you have to see my ring in person! I won’t post a pic on the blog bc my camera doesn’t do it justice.  It’s so sparkly and it’s a beautiful diamond… I am truly blessed to have such an amazing ring and an amazing fiance!!    Can’t wait to show it to you guys in person!!

Also, I think the bridesmaids are going to wear turquoise, what do you ladies think? (Only Sophia + April read this blog of the bridesmaids, so what do you two think?!)



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