Wedding Nightmares

Ok, so I’m not the only crazy bride out there.  In my “The Knot” magazine, there is a whole section dedicated to Wedding Nightmares!! Other brides who had wedding nightmares…

Mine was so funny, and so vivid.  Our wedding was going perfectly, the cocktail hour was great, I still remember the music… and we were talking to our guests and having a great time, until I realized, this is our cocktail hour! We are supposed to be taking our photos… so I rushed Nick towards our photographer to get our photos taken and as I walked by our reception ballroom I peaked inside and was horrified at what I’d seen…  my beautiful pintuck table covers had been replaced by multi-colored table covers from another party!! I was so upset!!! I became frantic and made the staff change the table covers, and then for some reason Nick got involved in helping them change the table covers.  I remember yelling at the hotel’s coordinator and thinking, “this is why I should have hired a wedding coordinator!!”  I felt my blood pressure rise and the dream felt so real I remember my mind racing and I remember the frantic feeling I got.

SO the moral of this story, #1, I am hiring a day-of wedding coordinator to deal with this kind of crap, #2, I am NOT the only bride who has nightmares.  The Knot magazine has a list of them!

Also, I visited a florist today, she was incredible and so helpful.  She has been featured on Platinum Weddings too!! Yet, there is a huge benefit of going with someone who is seasoned–while other florist may have to ‘rent’ their tall candelabras, this lady would not have to as she owns them, she has been in business long enough.  It’s really great.  Also, her prices are NOT Platinum, she is actually significantly more affordable than the $300/centerpiece guy my cousin recommended me to.

I still want to shop around and find the best deal and the best look though!

That’s all for now!


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