Venue Hunt

Just wanted to update my readers, I haven’t had time to update this! But I thought I would now.
So as you know I have tons of ideas already to make the hotel ballroom gorgeous, and I just wonder, is it worth paying that “extra $$” for a certain type of hotel???  In a world where the DoubleTree is seen as less appealing than a Sheraton, and a Hyatt is supposed to be top of the class, it’s surprising to see how vastly different the reception ballrooms are at each of these locations.  Even more so, a theme park’s hotel beats all of these in square footage AND view, yet costs a little bit less.  The price difference wouldn’t make a difference if the wedding guest count was just at 100…but at 300, even a $5 difference per head adds up quickly–$1500 gone like that.  So is it worth it to spend that extra $1500 for a hotel name?  I’m not too sure.   All of these hotels have their pros and their cons, but I just wonder if the hotel chain name makes any difference! I don’t think it does.  All I want is a beautifully decorated room!

I’m attaching photos of some ballrooms and you guys get to tell me what you think, w/o learning of the hotel’s name!

Ballroom #1They have nice carpet, very spacious, I like their chandeliers, their walls are painted well, well lit and nice, muted colors. (can u tell I like them?)  Also, the draping on the left wall is not included obviously, but it’s something I kind of want to consider if it’s budget friendly.

VENUE #2 (they get two photos, another so you can see their carpet… eeek)

(this was a short-table event apparently, but still… do you see the carpet….)

Now that’s venue #3, it’s nice, been to weddings there.  I kind of hate the lights!! Why are they squares? I like chandelier type lighting….

So I bet whoever is reading this is thinking a few things:
-if the venue is DECORATED nicely, it will look nice, duh Sidra
-they all kind of look the same…

PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!  I’d love your advice.