Bling Bling! and my first bridal show experience!

So I am proud to announce that I am no longer a ringless bride… that only took a few days!  The fiance is so sweet and so great at surprises… I really was NOT expecting it that soon!  When I opened the box, I saw a beautiful ring and my first thought was, “OMG it’s so sparkly!!” and the second was “it’s not what I expected, but I still LOVE IT!”  and what’s funny is when he and I went browsing for rings earlier this year, this style is not the one I wanted… however my ring is SO MUCH BETTER than the other ones I looked at!! I love it, I am so blessed.  🙂

On Sunday, I also went to my first bridal show with Nick.  We had a really great time looking at all the booths and speaking to all the vendors.  Some of them were a little cooky, but many of them were really great and helpful.  We got some great venue recommendations from some of the vendors.  One vendor (a photographer) summed it up pretty well–a hotel ballroom is nothing more than 4 walls and patterned carpet… and she is SO right.  I just want to find a hotel ballroom that looks well-maintained, has high ceilings, and that WON’T make my guests pay some ridiculous fee for parking.   My parents and I find that extraordinarily tacky… please buy me a gift AND pay $8+ for parking to attend my event.  and by the way I won’t warn you before hand because I’m embarrassed that you have to pay for parking, so if you don’t have cash you have to use the hotel ATM and pay an extra fee for taking out cash to pay for your parking.  That being said, if we end up loving a hotel that charges parking, we will probably pre-pay for our guests.  It takes away from my floral and decor budget, but I just don’t think it’s in good taste to pay for parking when you are a guest at a wedding.

Ok off my parking rant.  Now, the bridal show!!! SO MANY PHOTOGRAPHERS I was like WTF there are so many of you.  One was so nice to talk to but then her photo-album had photos that put the groom’s face in the seam of the album… like I learned in yearbook not to put faces in the “gutter” so she’s an out.  But anyways, I got some nice ideas and was actually hoping to meet more florists but I really only met DJs and photographers at the show.

There is another bridal show on Sunday that I am excited to go to.  This time I have my ring so people might take me more seriously!  I just cannot talk to any more photographers!! They all seem the same to me right now.  There are only a few that are significantly better than others.  Anyway let’s just hope there are more florists at this one, I need to set my floral budget.

Also…. venue visit 1 with my family was a TOTAL FAIL.  Not going with them at all.  😦  waste of time.


3 thoughts on “Bling Bling! and my first bridal show experience!

  1. September 12, at the doubletree Hotel in Claremont, is a Bridal Fair. I believe at 11 am? I don’t know. It is free admission though, free parking etc. If you have a little time, maybe you can check it out.

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