Engaged and Planning The Dream Wedding!

I’m engaged!! It’s so exciting to be planning mine & Nick’s wedding… I am the bride who definitely wants to plan way in advanced so I’ve been looking at different ideas forever and am excited to finally put them to use!  I have a million and one ideas and only one day to celebrate it!  That’s the problem with being as creative as me.

I met with this florist last week who was really great and completely understood me… but if you saw his prices you might faint!! I was honestly shocked when he told me the price of one tall centerpiece would be almost $300!!  It was a lovely centerpiece, but I am going to have 300-350 guests so that would be 30-35 tables… so more than $9,000 just for flowers is NOT ok.  So I was thinking of splitting them up, having some tall centerpieces and some short.  Or, I can just go with another florist altogether.  My budget-less cousin used him for her wedding last summer and his work is impeccable.  While I think his smaller centerpieces are a great price, I just wonder if I can get a similar quality and look at a smaller price with another florist.  I need to visit bridal fairs to see other florists’ work.  One thing that was fantastic about my appointment with him was that it solidified my theme.   No way in hell am I sharing my theme online though… I’ll tell you guys in secret.  It’s THAT good.  I am guarding this thing.  Or, I may just keep it a surprise until the wedding day!  We’ll see 🙂

So the other things on my stress out list of the dream wedding is my outfit (I have finally narrowed it down to TWO!), my wedding venue (we are visiting one this Saturday and I’ve inquired a about a few others) so we should have it done soon.  The one this Saturday is beautiful and newly renovated, however it may be a bit out of the way for some of my guests and Nick worries about that too.  The prices are great, but today I looked into two other hotels and was pleasantly surprised at their rates!  We’ll see.  I’ve come to the conclusion that all ballrooms look exactly the same and it truly matters how the ballroom is decorated.  I am willing to put more money towards decor than  on the venue.   Since my wedding will have over 300 people, I am not concerned about having a wedding on the beach at some fancy resort like the St. Regis or the Montage.

Keep posted for more wedding updates!!


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