Ringless Bride

I don’t have an engagement ring.  I just thought I’d put that out there.  My future mother-in-law talked to me yesterday and we had a good laugh about Nick’s lameness for not getting me a ring yet.  I don’t know what’s going on but I am getting SO impatient!!  Every time I see him I think he is going to surprise me with a ring, but he hasn’t yet!  I thought he would have at least have it ordered but that wasn’t the case… he told me he hasn’t yet ordered the ring which makes me sad.  His reasoning is good though– he wants it to be perfect.  Did I mention he is custom ordering it?  I guess that’s worth the wait.

But man, I am freakin IMPATIENT!!!  I know what I want.  Anyway I’m really excited to go ring shopping with Nick & the future mother-in-law next Saturday.  She seriously said, “how did you say YES without the ring?”  Lol  She’s right, because I don’t think I’ll be as excited when I get it because by now I’m expecting the diamond.  I also expect it to be super amazing since I’ve been waiting so long for it!  I also won’t have a fabulous proposal story to share which makes me sad.  I’ve always imagined my proposal and I guess I’ll just keep fantasizing about it.

I am going to make sure we go to Paris for our honeymoon now.   🙂  He owes me.  I was thinking a Mediterranean Cruise & Paris but that’s overkill.  The Cruise will be saved for another trip!


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