SAVE THE DATEs…and more fun things

Hello Hello!

So our wedding date is officially July 10, 2011. So excited!  We don’t have our venue booked yet, so I am a little behind on my by the end of September deadline.  It’s ok, we have it down to two, and both are so beautiful!  I’ve visited like ten hotel ballrooms, so I am SO glad I waited and didn’t just settle on the first one… these ones are a million times better than the first one I went to.  They are both DoubleTree hotels, and their ballrooms are incredible, their banquet captains are very sweet, and they are a million times better than Sheraton hotels.

I can’t wait!

Here are some Save the Date card ideas I have (from  I think these are SO essential since I am inviting a ton of out of town guests.  As Nick & I do not have our photographer set, we can’t take our engagement photo session and I’m not sure a photo Save the Date will work unless he and I take photos ASAP.  I don’t know yet though!

I really like this one because it has the calendar idea, and I think that’s really neat.

I think the one above is SO me & Nick.  Our style for sure.  But the whole “three photos” thing is going to be difficult as we haven’t had any professional photos taken.

I also really like this simple save the date:And this one is great too!!!  the Birdcage is SO cute!!

Anyways, all of the above re double-sided post-cards pretty much, so it’s nice and easy.  You even have the option of personalizing the back, which is super important for me as I believe I have close to 50 out of town guests and I’d able to put the wedding website info down (not yet created) and information about accommodations as well.. we also have all our pre-wedding events so to be able to list those would be good as well so people know when to fly in!!

I’m excited!  Now, which one do I choose?! [they only vary like 10 cents in price each, so your opinions are totally wanted!!]


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