Miss to Mrs., how to do it?

It is common practice that a woman takes the man’s name after she is married, and I do intend on taking my fiance’s name once we are married.  While I love the idea of hyphenating a name… my fiance’s last name has 10 letters, and that is impossible to take.   Ahmad-Trajcevska is far too long a last name, so I am going to change my name to Sidra  Ahmad Trajcevska.  It actually is in my benefit to take Nick’s last name… because I can never get through Airport Security or check-in online without being harassed.  Sidra Trajcevska is sure to allow me to speed through security, woo hoo!

This name change business seems to be just SUCH a hassle, so I’m kind of excited for this website, MissNowMrs.com that takes the hassle out of the changing process for you.  You fill out some information and it prints the forms out for you, all for just $29.95.  Sweet, I am definitely signing up for this after I get married.  The idea of changing your name after marriage seems so overwhelming, but I think it’s a lot of fun of being married is by being able to share a last name.  I personally cannot wait to becoming Mrs. Trajcevska. 🙂

For those brides who do not want to pay the $29.95… here’s what you essentially have to do:
-Change your name with the Social Security Administration, who tells the IRS
-Change your name with your DMV
-Change your name with the US Passport Agency (but make sure your honeymoon tickets are booked under your maiden name as this change cannot go into effect until after the wedding!)
-Update your info with your employer
-Update your info with your 401K Plan
-Change your name with your banks and credit card companies

I’m sure there are a lot more things that you have to have changed… so I’ll let you all know how it goes once I’m ready to make this change!


3 thoughts on “Miss to Mrs., how to do it?

  1. OMG I was not paying any attention to the name change thing but the photograph. My son is engaged and his fiancee said she was afraid she would disappoint me ( I make bridal accessories) because she would be just as happy getting married on the beach wearing a sari. How his lovely fiance could ever disappoint me is beyond comprehension. I have no clue whose name will be whose but will save the info.

    Love the dress and the henna? designs. I have a bedouin wedding gown of my own but I forgot to get married!!!

    • So sweet! My fiance and I are having two different weddings to mix both cultures, I never imagined myself wearing a white wedding gown, but I am just for his mom and family back in Europe. 🙂 Also–I love this photo too!! I am using this photographer for my wedding 🙂

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