Where should we go on our Honeymoon?

Nick and I are trying to decide on a fun and memorable honeymoon destination… and we may have already chosen a place.  We are considering a few different ideas…. but I want you to weigh in on where you would go if you were to go on a fabulous honeymoon.

the beautiful beaches of Hawaii? (above)


The city of lights.. Paris!  (I’d have to review my French though!)

Morocco…. ooh fancy!  Sit on amazing cushions and smoke hookah!

The Jungles of Costa Rica…. exotic and pretty!

Or enjoy some bull fighting in Spain?!

Or should we enjoy a sunset cruise on the canals of Venice, Italy?

or perhaps, a beautiful getaway to Tahiti?

So many places to choose from!  We both have our little ideas of where we want to go and we’ll keep you all updated on what we decide…. but, if you have any ideas or suggestions, pass the info on.  🙂

Oh and this a pretty awful idea that I will NEVER do … but www.HoneyFund.com lets your REGISTER for your Honeymoon.  No joke.  I think that’s a bit too tacky…. to ask guests to pay $100 towards your $1800 ticket to Europe or to buy your tour packages in Italy is a bit crazy, don’t you think?