Pakistani Bridal Couture Week Heads to Karachi!

Super stoked!  Well first, I’m outrageously jealous that the 2nd Bridal Couture Week will be heading to my hometown of Karachi, PK and I am not going to be there for it.  My cousin’s wife is there and she actually has tickets to the shows…so jealous!

An Ali Xeeshan piece

As you might remember, Bridal Couture Week 2010 took place in November in Pakistan’s fashion capital of Lahore and displayed gorgeous collections by Mehdi, Nomi Ansari, Ali Xeeshan, HSY, Nilofer Shahid and other fabulous designers.

An eclectic Nilofer Shahid Outfit

I cannot wait to see what they have at the 2nd Bridal Couture week.  It will take place between April 22-24, and I haven’t heard yet which designers will be there but I am absolutely DYING to see their new collections!


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