5 Tips to Care For Your Engagement Ring

He popped the question!  You shared the pix on Instagram and Facebook, you can’t stop staring at your new diamond ring – it’s so sparkly and hits the light just right!  But wait, it’s not as shiny as it was when you first got it – how can you get that shine back?

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Here are some quick tips to keep your ring in tip-top shape!

1) Buy a ring solution (try this one from Amazon) and soak your ring in the solution from anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight if it’s really dirty.  Then use a toothbrush to gently clean off the grime.  Voila!  Sparkly and new!

2) Don’t wear your ring when washing dishes, showering, or putting on lotion.  This sounds like a no brainer, but sometimes you just don’t get a chance to take off your ring when doing the dishes.  I recommend keeping a ring holder in the bathroom and by the sink so you can safely set it down while showering or washing dishes.  Soap and lotion makes the ring go dull super fast.

3) Avoid wearing your ring to the gym.  You just don’t want to bang it up on weights, and the sweat and oil will also contribute to it losing it’s shine.  I know – it’s difficult to take it off, but it’ll protect your ring in the long run!

4) Every now and then, take your ring to the jeweler to get professionally cleaned or polished.  Especially do this right before your wedding!  You don’t want the ring photos to showcase a dull stone!

5) Finally, I found this little video on Fabsugar on how to use household solutions to clean your ring.  Like literally- you can use a baking soda paste to clean your ring!

Any other thoughts on ring care?  Feel free to sound off in the comments.