My first bridal inspiration board

A traditional Pakistani wedding consists of weeks of events coming up to the big day.  The bride’s family hosts three events, a maiyon party, which signifies the beginning of the bride’s beautification period (she is traditionally not supposed to work during this time) a henna party (a party where henna is applied and songs are sung and friends perform dances) and THE WEDDING.  A traditional wedding has the bride wearing a beautiful red dress… I decided months ago that I am not going to be wearing red at my wedding.  If I was going to be wearing red, this is how my wedding would look.  BTW This is my first inspiration board, be nice! 🙂

If I wore a red dress, I would not have just red details at the wedding.  I’d have hints of orange, pink, green, and gold.

This dress is one of my most favorites, and it’s by an incredible Pakistani bridal designer named Mehdi.  I am getting this dress made in dark blue for another event.:)


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