The Photographs

When you leave your wedding, the only memory you walk away with of the day are your photographs. Be Inspired is a wedding PR website that lists tons of vendors that are incredible at what they do and their blog posts have been a source of inspiration to me during this planning process.  I peruse their preferred vendor list and dream of being able to afford some of them.  I was so surprised to find out the first photographer I sent an e-mail to starts his packages at $8,000…. he is incredibly talented and his photographs are art, but since I’ve e-mailed him, I’ve been on the hunt for photographers with a similar style.  I don’t know if I’d pay $8,000 for photos, as important as they are to me.

Jose Villa is quite possibly one of my most favorite wedding photographers, he calls it Fine Art Photography, and it truly is.  Here are some of his photos:
So incredible… honestly, he does really natural shots and he doesn’t post enough to his website to really do his work justice.

Here’s another from one of his engagement shoots:
These people look like models, not real people!!

Anyway, he’s one of the photographers I ❤ right now.  Another is Ashley Rose, and I am going to schedule a meeting with this incredible photographer 🙂

Some wedding details above, and some more cute photos of her’s below:

Anyway, here are some shots from a photography company I am meeting with this Saturday, Harvard Photography. I like them because they’ve shot a ton of Indian weddings, and it truly gives them an edge.  Anyway,  I LOVE this photo of the bride!!

And then there is this one that I like a lot, and think is really cute that they did it with an Indian couple.  I love these kinds of photos in general:

Anyway, above is just a glimpse of the types of photographers I like and that I would love to have shooting my wedding.  🙂  I am finally starting to interview photographers, and am so excited to find one to shoot our day.

And a note to brides to be–photography is SO important! You cannot choose a crappy photographer to shoot your wedding day… it’ll be the only thing you have left after the wedding, so choose wisely!  You also have to have an idea of the type of photography you want…. I want natural photos and quirky photos… nothing posed!! I know too many photographers that do cheesy posed photos and they are ridiculously tacky.  My cousin’s photographer said… “ready, steady, say chees” (with a heavy accent).  No joke!! It’s important to be careful who to choose to capture your day!


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