What’s my dream wedding?

Since I am now just sitting to plan my wedding again after my Sept-Jan hiatus (4 long months!), I have seemed to have lost track of my vision for my wedding.  In September, I was ready to book everything, and I just forgot everything I wanted and envisioned.  It slipped away, and I have to get back on track!

I met with a florist today, Flower Allie, and what I LOVED about them was that she literally asked me a million and one questions to peg my wedding idea.  She really wanted to understand what I wanted and how I wanted my wedding to feel, and she gave me good pointers to get to that place.  She was honest, real, and she also does ridiculously incredible work.  All her florals are on point!! Super perfectionist!

Here are some pix….Anyway, she’s really good.  I have another florist I’m also considering, and then of course, I am also considering the Desi florists.

But I guess the first thing I have to do is really peg down my style and vision for my wedding!

I’ll be making a TON of inspiration boards now to get my style down. ahhh

A great thing that came out of my meeting, peonies are not pricey during my wedding date!  I also found out that I’d be able to get orchids in my centerpieces if I wanted them too! 🙂

I also need to narrow down a vision for my mehndi, on the next blog, I’ll post pix from my cousin’s mehndi!  Oooh also I might even post pix of my mehndi outfit– it’s something that Nomi Ansari designed and showed at Bridal Couture Week 2010 in Lahore.  He also showed it at the Sunsilk Fashion show in Pakistan, so it’s not a brand new collection, but it’s gorgeous!


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