Bridal Shower Concepts as seen on Hostess with the Mostess

I love cute fun ideas for bridal showers, and have recently seen a ton of cute French inspired bridal showers on blogs.  We just threw my cousin a really fun “divalicious” bridal shower with hot pink, black, white and zebra stripes, and cute sparkly masks as favors.  It was adorable and really fun to plan.  I’ve seen really unique bridal showers and I heard about this one and wanted to post some pictures of it… it’s a real Gossip Girl inspired Bridal Shower, and you can see it here on Hostess with the Mostess blog.

Here are some pics…  I think this would be a fun one to recreate,*hint hint* bridesmaids!  🙂  And, I am totally gossip girl obsessed.  This bridal shower even has hints of a Chanel inspiration, with the black, white & pink.

I love the fluffy flowers and the DIY board that says it’s her bridal shower.  I think they had a guest book next to this table setting.

Here’s the full tablescape!  I adore the fluffy pink peonies, the sparkly candle holders, and the intimate long-table setting.  I think long tables are so ideal for an intimate party.

I love how simple yet elegant this concept is.  It’s a round vase wrapped in an aubergine fabric filled with beautiful pink peonies… which happens to be Blair Waldorf’s favorite flower.  Credit goes to event planner Carolyn Chen of The Special Day.

I also really like these candle holders with the added gem bling to give this party and Upper-East Side Flair.

And above, you can see the attention to detail they put into this bridal shower with the bustled chair covering on the bride’s chair to liken a wedding dress.  Super cute.

This bridal shower is beautiful and the bride is so lucky to have had it!  You can see more photos on the Hostess blog.  🙂

I would also like to take this inspiration to my wedding florist for ideas on centerpieces for my own wedding.  The round vase wrapped in aubergine fabric filled with just peonies is so beautiful and simple, yet also very elegant.

Enjoy! 🙂  I will also update on how my photography meetings went this weekend, and post photos of a really gorgeous and fun wedding I went to this weekend!


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