Bridesmaids Gifts

How I wish I could share every detail about my bridesmaids gifts right here on this forum, but I can’t because they read this blog.  Ahh! I want to tell someone SO badly what they are!!

I first have to say I can’t believe what kind of trash is sold on and other wedding sites for bridesmaids gifts.  I just think they get the bride to be molded into thinking that THIS is what you get your bridesmaids–I almost started to like these ugly monogrammed totes and thought these were “essential” for my bridal party.  But they’re not.  

I’m pretty sure my bridesmaids would be like WTF is this if they got these…

Seriously…who really wants a tote bag monogrammed with their initials?  Exactly, no one.  A monogrammed flask was quite possibly the only gift on there that I saw that my friends would maybe appreciate, but seeing as there’s no alcohol at the wedding, the flask won’t be necessary.

I would totally have gotten this for them because it’s way better than a tote.

But still, the crap they sell is astonishing!!

AND I can’t wait to give my bridesmaids my gifts.

I didn’t ask them as cutely as I wanted to, I was just overly excited.  So for future brides, I saw this on Etsy and died!  I wish I had done this back in August.  Honestly, are these not the CUTEST cards??

Anyway, I’ll be sure to post after the wedding what I got for them.  There is a handmade element to a part of them to make up for the non-handmade elements of how I asked them.  Excited!! Just 17 days until my wedding! ❤


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