Just a few more days!

Just a few more days until the wedding! I cannot believe it’s finally here.  There are SO many little handmade details that I am working on right now, I wish I could share them all on this blog but I can’t.

This past weekend we had some really fun little festivities.  Before the wedding, my family usually throws parties to celebrate the bride and her family.  My aunt and uncle were sweet enough to host one on Friday–it was a nice little party where we all sang and hung out. yay! 🙂

Then on Saturday we had my “maiyon” which is just the party that signifies the bride’s rest period–but in the US it’s just not possible to have such a thing because there are always last minute things to be done.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited for the wedding!! Just a few more days away–the seating chart is just about DONE 🙂 so we’re pretty stoked about this.

The only thing I’m freaking out about is people showing up late to my wedding.  The invitation says 5:30pm so I really hope people actually come at 5:30pm.  At all the events this weekend they’ve been coming really late–like an hour or so after invite time.  So if you’re reading this, please arrive at 5:30pm!! ❤


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