How to handle people asking you inappopriate questions about your wedding day…

I think what shocks me the most about people asking about your wedding day is that they have the gall to ask the cost of your event…

Thankfully, none of my friends are tacky enough to ask me questions associated with the cost of my events, I know that they have the class not to.  I have fellow cost-conscious brides come to me for advice on where to save and vendor suggestions for their budget, but in terms of actual dollar amounts, it’s a very tacky thing to ask how much one is spending.

It’s a few people that just shock me with their attitude and their prying details.  I have a very hard time trying to dodge these questions without seeming rude.  There’s one guy in particular, who happens to be getting married next year, who asks me a million and one questions about my wedding planning and the price tag for each of my wedding details.  It’s so annoying! I know he doesn’t do it because he’s interested in hearing updates, he does it to try and “compete” with me.  I’m venting, I know. But how do you avoid questions like this?

-What did your invitations end up costing you? (real question)
My reply: Oh, I’m not sure, my parents took care of that part… I really love my invitations though.

-How much are you paying per head at the hotel? (real question)
My reply: It’s a good rate but I was able to work with the lady on fees… I’m not really allowed to say.
When all else fails…just say you’re not allowed to disclose the cost and provide them with the contact information for the hotel.  It’s no one’s business what your family is paying per head.

-Weddings are SO expensive, what’s your family’s budget?? (can you believe people have asked me this!!)
My Reply: yes… they are.  we are trying to keep things simple and are spending money in areas where it truly matters.
This surprises me beyond belief.  The number of people who have asked me this is outrageous.  Yes, Pakistani weddings have a ton of guests, but, it’s not your business what we spend or don’t spend.  A lady at my office persistently asked me the price.

-How much are centerpieces? (seriously?! ask a florist!)
My reply: I’ve seen quotes for varying amounts… so I can’t really say…depends on what you want really!
First, anyone knows that a centerpiece can cost $200 (peonies, roses, etc!) or $30 for something small with lots of green.  This is the best answer to provide to prying people!

-But still, how much are they??  Like what’s a range?
My reply: I suggest you go talk to a few florist and find out what it can be.  You can spend $5k and you can spend $12k, it depends on what you want and what you need.

-How much are your bridesmaids dress? (after seeing the order forms & checks at my desk…)
My Reply:
I don’t want the girls to spend too much money, so they are reasonable and really pretty.

-How much is your makeup artist charging you?
Excuse me?  I just didn’t respond to this question.  He’s a guy, why does he care what my makeup person charges!

A note to all brides & grooms, a wedding is not a competition. It’s an expression of the love you and your fiance have for one another.  The price you spend has nothing to do with how great your wedding will be.  I’ve seen gorgeous weddings that were done on a small budget, and tacky events that were done with million-dollar budgets.  It’s all dependent on your taste and how well you work with what you’ve got.


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