Personalized Wedding Details & Quirky Color Schemes

I think it’s all the “little” things that make the wedding special.  People always see gorgeous floral arrangements at each wedding.. but it’s the little details planned meticulously ahead of time that make a wedding memorable.

I am SO beyond lucky that I know how to use Photoshop & Adobe InDesign (think Illustrator but for printed materials) and have InDesign to help me design cute details for the wedding.  Here’s a sneak preview of something you are sure to see gracing the guest book table.  Probably in a cute white frame:

I need to design some other little details to put on display.

I’m pouring through MarthaStewartWeddings for details and 100LayerCake, StyleMePretty and stuff for inspiration.  Will share as the design process goes along!

Alsoo… since InDesign and I are BFFs, I am designing the wedding invitations for wedding #2.   Cannot wait to post how it will look!  It’s going to be super cute, simple, modern yet elegant.  We are thinking of doing a pewter and yellow color scheme for that one, cannot wait to see how different the two weddings will be!

Here’s a pic of inspiration for the color scheme for the Macedonian wedding (taken from this Style Me Pretty feature)
Love the way the groom is wearing a gray suit with a yellow boutt!

4 thoughts on “Personalized Wedding Details & Quirky Color Schemes

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  3. Hey there! Another question about the cultures (hope you don’t mind!): for the two weddings, were there completely separate guest lists? Like all of your family at the one and his family at the other? (Besides immediate family, of course).

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